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Study the effect of the thickness on the epoxy on the properties of the coating of tri-layers for steel pipelines

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
10:30 - 10:45
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This work is devoted to the study of tri- layers of buried pipelines that carry petroleum products and gas coating, ensuring external protection for steel pipes to avoid problems related to corrosion of the pipes. In this work we will talk about passive protection by filing external coatings.

The latter consists of three density polymer layers successively deposited on steel Epoxy -type (Ep) / Ethylene Butyl Acrylate (EBA) / high Polyethylene (HDPE). Given the adhesion of the coating was characterized by peel tests carried out on the coating, and also penetration tests are performed on samples uprooted during the pullout tests mean while a tensile test is performed on a sample of HDPE to know the latter properties.

This work allows us to compare between ISO 21809-3 ( Petroleum and natural gas industries - External coatings for buried or submerged pipelines used in pipeline transportation systems ), which requires an epoxy thickness of 100 μm and the other company whose thickness ANABIB performs as customers' requirement.


Dr. Benalia Kouini
University of Boumerdes
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Aicha Serier
    University of Boumerdes