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Autodeposition of Eumelanin Nanoparticles via Enzymatic in situ Synthesis

Tuesday (27.09.2016)
17:00 - 17:15
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Melanins are a highly inspiring class of biological pigments with outstanding material properties like free radical scavenging, paramagnetism, broad band absorption and very low fluorescence, or electrical conductivity. This renders them an attractive material for surfaces.

In this talk, we present an enzyme mediated approach for the defined deposition of eumelanin nano particles.[1-5] Key aspect of this highly precise, and sustainable approach is an enzymatic reaction in direct proximity to the support surface. This reaction induces synthesis and in situ deposition of melanin particles. The size of the reaction zone is controlled by variable enzyme immobilization techniques.

Accessible deposition patterns are fully flexible and highly site-specific; from continuous coatings with defined film parameters to nano structuring with single particles. Besides this, the process enables the synthesis of unrivaled small melanin particles. Normally, eumelanin particles show diameters of 200 nm. Due to the self terminating properties of the enzymatic process, nanoparticles with sizes down to 6 nm are accessible.

The highly defined deposition abilities in combination with the unrivaled small size of the resulting particles, the versatile properties of melanin, and the fully biological approach makes the presented approach very promising for manifold applications including bioelectronics, biomaterials, nano sensors, radiation protection, corrosion protection, or light harvesting.

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Dr. Oliver Strube
Paderborn University


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