E07: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) for Materials Design using Numerical Synchronized Approaches Linking Different Scale Algorithms

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TopicE: Modelling and Simulation

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering – ICME – is an emerging field in materials science and engineering. The main objectives of ICME are materials description and production process elaboration towards engineering components and their application in order to shorten product and process development time, while lowering cost and improving outcome.

The scope of this Symposium is to understand the influence of process parameters or model coefficients on process and properties results, the stability of  process or simulation chains or the influence of error propagation along the simulation chain. The focus is on developing theoretical, experimentally driven, and computational approaches to material characterization, property prediction, structure evolution and linking process-structure and property.

The aim is to better understand the microstructure-based materials processing models, evolution of microstructures, precipitations, and defect formation in casting, powder processing, semi-solid and solid state processing in this area. Therefore, the   symposium focuses on the material and process    chain parameters from one side and microstructure based micromechanical models, which take into consideration the dislocations dynamics and crystal plasticity from the other side.


Contributions should cover the following areas:

1.         Computer aided design of materials and processes

2.         Multiscale modeling of mechanical properties and failure behavior of materials

3.         Multiscale modeling of microstructure evolution during material processing

4.         Local properties prediction towards tailored properties

5.         Integrating material models in process models and component design

6.         Microstructure modeling based on discrete models

Wednesday (28.09.2016)