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EnviroESCA – The Beginning of a New Era

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
10:15 - 10:30
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Since many decades XPS (or ESCA) is the well-accepted standard method for non-destructive chemical analysis of solid surfaces. To fulfill this task existing ESCA tools combine reliable quantitative chemical analysis with comfortable sample handling concepts, integrated into fully automated compact designs. Over the last years it has been possible to develop XPS systems, that can work far beyond the standard conditions of high or ultrahigh vacuum. Near Ambient Pressure (NAP) XPS has become a fastly growing field in research inspiring many scientist to transfer the method to completely new fields of application. Thus, by crossing the pressure gap, new insights in complicated materials systems have become possible using either synchrotron radiation or laboratory X-ray monochromators as excitation sources under NAP condtions. Based on this experience SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH has developed a revolutionary tool to realize the long existing dream in many analytical laboratories: reproducible chemical surface analysis under any environmental condition. EnviroESCA allows for different applications, like extremely fast solid surface analysis of degassing (but also non-degassing) samples, ESCA analysis of liquids or liquid-solid interfaces, chemical analysis of biological samples, materials and device analysis under working conditions (in situ/in operando studies of catalysts, electrochemical devices etc.). Discover the new capabilities of EnviroESCA, a fully automated tool in a new sophisticated and compact design with uncompromising ease-of-use, and explore completely new fields of applications for the established analysis method XPS.


Dr. Michael Meyer
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Andreas Thissen
    SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
  • Dr. Oliver Schaff
    SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
  • Dr. Stephan Bahr
    SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
  • Dr. Thorsten Kampen
    SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH