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Experience of “Kompozit” company in production of parts from VT6S alloy using electron beam melting technology

Tuesday (27.09.2016)
11:30 - 11:45
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JSC “Kompozit” is a leading enterprise of the Russian Federal Space Agency. JSC “Kompozit” there is a line for the production of parts, blanks and semi-finished products for disks, shafts and other components of gas turbine engines, as well as rocket engines using method Granular Metallurgy (GM).

The GM technology includes powder production by plasma spraying of a rotating electrode and subsequent solidification of molten drops in the form of granular microingots at a high cooling rate (103-104°C/s). Upon plasma spraying, molten drops solidify in a free flith in an inert gas atmosphere and have an almost ideal spherical shape. Part having an almost final shape can be produced upon subsequent compacting of granules, which is usually performed with hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Modern additive manufacturing (AM) technologies such as SLM and EBM are the second way to obtain a near-net-shape parts. Using AM allow to reduce the process cycle of classical GM technology.

Today JSC “Kompozit” produces high-quality powders perspective nickel-, titanium- and intermetallic- based alloys. All powder materials, produced by GM technology, have a perfect spherical shape without satellites and gas porosity as distinct from gas spraying.

Object of study of this work was the titanium alloy VT6S, produced by JSC "Kompozit". Cylindrical specimens oriented in the three different build direction were produced using an Arcam A2 system. As-fabricated specimens were annealed under vacuum and hot isostatic pressed (HIP) in argon. Both the as-fabricated and HIP/annealed samples were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy to determine the microstructure and composition. Tensile testing was performed in Universal Testing machine at room temperature for as-fabricated in all build orientation and HIP/annealed samples. Fracture surface examination was also performed by SEM.

The results of this investigation demonstrate a good homogeneous microstructure, minimal defects and fine grains caused by EBM, as well as excellent mechanical properties of VT6S. Various details of the aerospace appointment were produced based on the research of this alloy.

Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Ivan Logachev
  • Zhanna Sentyurina


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