C07: Advanced technologies for the surface processing of sensitive materials

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TopicC: Synthesis and Processing

the micro- and nanoscales has opened new avenues for the development of new applications and the implementation of advanced technologies in a large variety of technological fields. Demands in high-tech industries are growing for specialized prototype and high-throughput devices with micro- and nano-scaled structures including fluidic, biologic, chemical, electronic, mechanical or photonic features. The new technical challenges stemming from these and other surface engineering applications has prompted the development of radical innovations in the processing techniques and the use of new hybrid processes combining the application of several methods. By providing a comprehensive view of the latest advances in these technologies, this symposium aims at bringing together scientists, engineers and industrial developers to discuss about the present and future of these technologies for the surface functionalization at the micro and nano-scales. A fruitful cross-fertilization is expected from the contributions of specialists in laser, plasma, other related surface processing technologies, particularly, those involving the combination of several techniques for the micro and nano-enginnering of surfaces.

Contributions will be oriented to technical or industrial developments and to basic research studies describing applications in different technological fields. Furthermore, the basic interactions of laser, plasmas, ions, etc. with materials and the influence of such interactions in the mechanisms governing the fabrication processes of the surface micro/nano structures will be discussed. Topics of this symposium will cover the following subjects (but not limited to): fundamental aspects of micro/nano processing (dynamics, modeling, and simulation), process monitoring and control, advances in laser (e.g., two photon polymerization, ultra-short pulse (fs - ps), VUV processing, texturing, micro/nano patterning and fabrication, cleaning, micro-machining, interference patterning and lithography, etc.), plasmas and related processes (e.g., micro- and nano- plasmas, processing at the micro and nanoscales, functionalization, patterning and roughening, ion patterning etc.) and the development of hybrid technologies (e.g., laser processing together with plasmas, physical vapour deposition with laser structuring, etc.) for the surface nanostructuring of materials. The up-scaling of these emerging technologies at industrial level and the problems related with their implementation in the industry will be specifically addressed.

Wednesday (28.09.2016)