C06: Tailored-Precursor Approaches to Nanocellular and Functional Ceramics

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TopicC: Synthesis and Processing

The symposium will focus on single-source-precursor synthesis approaches for ceramic materials. One main emphasis of the symposium will be on assessing the intimate relationship between molecular structure/ architecture of the single-source precursor and the microstructure / property profile of the resulting ceramic.

Within this context, several classes of single-source precursors as well as various techniques related to their conversion into ceramics are planned to be addressed:

1. ingle-source precursors:

a.      element-organic and organometallic compounds (e.g., alane-, borane-, gallane-based compounds, silanes, silazanes, metallocenes, metal alkoxides, metal amido complexes, metal carbenes, etc.)

b.     macromolecular single-source precursors: sol-gel systems (silica-, metal-oxide-based), preceramic polymers (silicon-containing polymers, polyborazylene, etc.)

2. Synthesis Techniques: Chemical tools towards tailored single-source-precursors

3. Conversion into Ceramics - Thermal treatment, irradiation-assisted techniques (laser, e-beam, ion bombardment etc.), HT/HP techniques

4. Processing Aspects: Powders, Coatings, Fibers, Monoliths, Porous Materials, (Nano)Composites