C03: Materials for Additive Manufacturing Technologies

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TopicC: Synthesis and Processing

Challenges in material science and engineering demand faster and novel processing routes such as additive manufacturing technologies (AMT).

AMT gain increasing interest in the manufacturing industry due to their potential to reduce fabrication cost and the ecological impact and provide attractive options like Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing. Dynamically evolving fields like scaffolds for tissue engineering, customized implants, digital dentistry, photonics and small scale production in areas like aeronautics, and automotive industry significantly enhance the number of applications where AMT offers economical and technical benefits over traditional manufacturing technologies.

A key component for targeting above mentioned applications is the development of new functional and structural materials which offer increased performance compared to the currently available commercial materials. Successful application of AMT requires also the improving of existing and the development of novel techniques, for example direct laser fabrication, electron beam freeform fabrication, selective laser sintering, 3D-printing, lithography-based AMT, inkjet-printing and shaped metal deposition by tungsten inert gas welding. In the framework of this symposium the current state of the art and future trends in materials development and techniques for AMT will be discussed.

Materials of interest include metals as well as polymers, ceramics and composite materials for AMT. The production of these materials, their processing using AMT and the final part properties are in the focus of this session.

Tuesday (27.09.2016)