C02: Nanomaterials and Composites

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TopicC: Synthesis and Processing

This symposium will focus on nanostructured materials especially based on ceramics and polymers for structural and functional applications. Their processing as bulk materials, particles, composites and fibers will presented, especially the influence of processing conditions on material properties.



  • Nanostructured ceramics and (hybrid) polymers
  • Processing: Nanoparticles, bulk materials, fibers and composites
  • Nanoceramics for structural applications (biomedical, optical, engineering, extreme conditions)
  • Ceramic/metal hybrids
  • Manufacturing of nanoceramic components (net-shape forming)
  • Sintering of nanoscaled ceramics (conventional, pressure assisted,
  • spark-plasma-sintering SPS)
  • Powder technology for nanoceramics
  • Polymer processing (dispersion of fillers, in-situ filler generation, extrusion)
  • Fiber drawing of nanoscaled polymers
  • Characterization methods for nanoscale components (especially on-line and in-situ methods)
  • Posters

Thursday (29.09.2016)