Tuesday (27.09.2016)

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Thursday (29.09.2016)

B04: Intermetallics: Physical Metallurgy, Processing and Characterisation
B04.3: Emerging Intermetallics
Session starts at 09:15
Deformation behavior and solid solution hardening of Al-containing refractory high-entropy alloys

Dr.-Ing. Hans Chen Dr. Alexander Kauffmann Daniel Schliephake Christoph Seemüller Dr. Bronislava Gorr Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Christ Dr. Julia N. Wagner Prof. Dr. Martin Heilmaier

B07: Bulk Ultrafine- and Nano-structured Materials
B07.1: Fundamental Aspects
Session starts at 09:15
Keynote Lecture
Excess volume and defect annealing in HPT- and ECAP-processed ultrafine-grained Ni studied by difference dilatometry

Prof. Dr. Roland Würschum Jaromir Kotzurek Dr. Anton Hohenwarter Dr. Macej Krystian Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sprengel Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pippan

B08: Hybrid Structures and Materials
B08.1: Hybrid Structural Materials
Session starts at 09:15
Development of a highly sensitive strain sensor consisting of a nickel-carbon composite for new hybrid laminates

Christos Karapepas Prof. Dr. Daisy Nestler Prof. Dr. Guntram Wagner

B09: Mechanical Properties and Microstructure
B09.3: Session 3
Session starts at 09:15
Size effects and micromechanical testing of Fe-P amorphous/crystalline multilayer structures

Dr. Timo Müller Dr. Andrea Bachmaier Dr. Thomas Schöberl Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pippan

B12: Influence of the microstructure on hydrogen embrittlement and localised corrosion of steels
B12.1: Hydrogen embrittlement and delayed cracking of steels
Session starts at 09:15
Highlight Lecture
Micromechanical Modeling of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Martensitic Steel

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hartmaier Dr. Philipp Schwittek