A05: Semiconductor materials at the nano- and microscale for novel applications

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TopicA: Functional Materials and Devices

Semiconductor materials are being constantly revisited due to the new applications arising every day. The scope of the symposium is the growth and characterization of semiconductor nano- and microstructures with the main focus on the properties relevant to applications such as transparent conductive oxides, gas sensors, optoelectronics and energy harvesting devices.

Materials grown by novel routes or treated after growth to improve the physical properties will be one of the main targets of the symposium.

- Growth of self-arranged structures

- Obtaining of novel morphologies with different functionalities

- Doping processes at the nano- and microscale

- High yield growth procedures at nano- and microscale

The characterization of the materials grown plays an important role on the development on new devices. Luminescence, Optical Spectroscopy, Electron Microscopy based techniques, X Ray Diffraction and Tomography among others are valuable contributions to characterize and deepen the knowledge on topics such as

Influence of the growth method on the defect structure

Electrical and Optical Properties (lasing, resonant cavities…)

Sensing behaviour and other functional properties as piezoelectricity or magnetism

Thursday (29.09.2016)