A04: Thermo-Chemical Materials for long term compact heat storage

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TopicA: Functional Materials and Devices

Long term compact heat storage is needed to a) synchronise energy supply in summer and demand in winter and b) to make industrial heat waste transportable and tradable. The shift to decentralized energy generation demands for systems in the built environment, requiring compactness and thus high energy density materials. Thermo-chemical materials TCMs (i.e. salt hydrates or salt ammoniates) are promising candidates for compact storage, however there are still fundamental challenges on the level materials engineering:

1. Manipulation of TCMs to steer operation conditions (temperature and pressure) on purpose.

2. Stabilization of the TCM particle to avoid loss of performance

3. Design of metal/TCM interfaces that are less prone to corrosion

4. Fundamental understanding of the solid-solid transitions in TCMs


Aim and scope of symposium

This symposium aims to bring together experts in the field of solid state chemist and physicists, molecular modellers and materials scientists to discuss the state of the art in the field of thermoschemical materials. A further goal is to trigger the discussion on solutions for the challenges mentioned above.