A01: High-Temperature Functional Materials

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TopicA: Functional Materials and Devices

High-temperature processes related to energy conversion, industrial production and trans-portation cause the major part of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions and are, therefore, re-quired to be improved further. Thereby, advanced high-temperature functional materials play a key role in enabling increased operation temperature, life time and efficiency.

The symposium focuses on the close relationship between functionality of high-temperature materials and operation principles for application temperatures above 350 C. The presenta-tion of new materials and methods will be especially acknowledged. The contributions should include recent scientific and technological results on high-temperature materials related to their design, fabrication and application including miniaturized, wireless or micromechanical devices. Contributions should cover the following areas:

- Novel and emergent materials for fuel cells, turbines and combustion systems,

- Materials for gas, pressure and temperature sensors

- Actor materials and integrated sensor actor systems

- Active piezoelectric and electronic structures

- Functional coatings including catalysts

- Compatibility of functional materials

Wednesday (28.09.2016)