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Core-shell formation in (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-xSrTiO3 nanoparticles revealed by in situ TEM

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11:20 Lecture Core-shell formation in (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-xSrTiO3 nanoparticles revealed by in situ TEM 0 Dr. Leopoldo Molina-Luna
00:00 Poster Micro-mechanical measurement of fracture behaviour of individual grain boundaries in Ni Alloy 600 exposed to a pressurized water reactor environment 1 Dr. Alisa Stratulat
00:00 Poster High temperature hot corrosion behavior of TiMoCN-29%Ni coating on stainless steel in an aggressive environment 1 Ph.D. Cesánek Zdenek
00:00 Poster Biphasic composites synthesized from layered calcium phosphates 0 Elena Kukueva
00:00 Poster Boron-Based Carbon Fiber Coating Of low Carbon Steel for Ultra-Fast Surface Hardening 0 Prof. Dr. Bakr Rabeeh
00:00 Poster Effect of T-stress on fatigue crack growth of stable and metastable austenitic stainless steels in combination with thermography 1 Carl Wolf
00:00 Poster Bolt friction welding of hybrid compounds of aluminium and CFRP 1 Dr.-Ing. Axel von Hehl
00:00 Poster Machining induced delamination of CFRP and its effect on static and cyclic bending behavior 1 Manuel Grudenik
00:00 Poster Sulfation kinetics of high temperature corrosion in waste to energy plants 1 Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Ott
00:00 Poster Lattice Based Monte Carlo Simulations of Relaxor Ferroelectrics and the Electrocaloric Effect 0 Simon Filippi
00:00 Poster Ideal strength of MoX (X=V, Nb, and Ta) alloys along [001] direction 0 Dr. Alejandro Bautista-Hernandez
00:00 Poster Enhanced hardness in pure copper processed by mechanical milling and spark plasma sintering 1 Prof. Masahiro Kubota
00:00 Poster Phase-field simulation on relaxor ferroelectrics based on random field theory 1 Shuai Wang
00:00 Poster Nanoscale piezoelectric properties of (1-x)Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3-x(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 ceramics studied by piezoresponse force microscopy 0 Xijie Jiang
00:00 Poster Synthesis of Sulfonic Silica Magnetite from Marina Beach Ironsand, Semarang, indonesia 0 Dr. Choiril Azmiyawati
00:00 Poster In-situ scratch analysis of injection molded plates from Polypropylene and Polystyrene in and perpendicular to the flow direction 0 Alexandra Freimut
00:00 Poster A macroporous monolithic hydrogel matrix for immobilization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in bioethanol production 1 Prof. Dr. Cesar Barbero
00:00 Poster Effect of deep cryogenic treatment on thermoplastic samples 0 Theresa Beyrich
00:00 Poster Low cost carbon fibres pave the way for a widespread use of carbon fibre reinforced plastics 1 Tim Röding
00:00 Poster Effect of hydrogen on twinning-mediated crack growth in pure titanium single crystals under cyclic loading 1 Dipl.-Ing. Kosuke Takagi
00:00 Poster Effect of demineralized water purity on the corrosion behavior of steel alloys 0 Mostafa Elsehamy
00:00 Poster Comparing Fracture of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Resin and Carbon Fiber Polyamide Resin Composites 0 Robert Schreiber
00:00 Poster The effect of hydrophilic monomers on silicone-based hydrogels properties 1 Ph.D. Diana Silva
00:00 Poster Microstructure and pseudo-elastic behavior of additively processed Fe-Mn-Al-Ni 1 Dipl.-Ing. Florian Brenne
00:00 Poster Functional properties of TiTaX shape memory alloys 1 Philipp Krooß
00:00 Poster Microstructural investigations of the TiNiCu shape memory materials obtained by unconventional technologies 1 Dr. Diana Cirstea
00:00 Poster Thermodynamic investigations of Fe–Mn–Al–Ni shape memory alloys 1 Dr.-Ing. Mario J. Kriegel
00:00 Poster Functional degradation in FeNiCoAlTa iron based shape memory alloys 1 Philipp Krooß
00:00 Poster Martensite stabilization in CoNiGa high temperature shape memory alloys 1 Philipp Krooß
00:00 Poster Damage evolution in pseudoelastic polycrystalline Co-Ni-Ga-X high-temperature shape memory alloys 1 Christian Lauhoff
00:00 Poster Superhard cutting composites for mechanical machining in aerospace industry 1 Dr. Alexander Anokhin
00:00 Poster Enhanced bending plasticity induced by twinning-detwinning in thin Mg wires prepared by single-step direct extrusion. 1 Karel Tesar
00:00 Poster Novel Approach to Keyhole Closure in Aluminum Alloys using Friction Spot Welding 0 Martin Reimann
00:00 Poster Experimental Thermal Runaway Study in 18650 Cylindrical Li-Ion Cells Using an Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 1 Boxia Lei
00:00 Poster Simulations of the RDE voltammetry in IL, kinetics and transport. 1 Andrea Giaccherini
00:00 Poster Finite element simulation of the tension/compression asymmetry and the deformation behavior under combined compression/shear in pseudoelastic NiTi using the Drucker-Prager yield criterion 1 Dipl.-Ing. Mina Pouya
00:00 Poster Calorimetric measurements of liquid Ga-Li-Zn alloys 1 Sylwia Terlicka
00:00 Poster Calorimetric studies of Ga-Li system 1 Dr.-Ing. Adam Debski
00:00 Poster Fabrication and characterisation of microstructure of Be-Ti and Be-Zr rods 1 Dr. Petr Kurinskiy
00:00 Poster Characterization and corrosion behavior of PEO coatings containing Al2O3 nano-particles on AZ31 magnesium alloy formed at different electrolyte temperatures 0 Dipl.-Ing. Yasin Mehdizade
00:00 Poster Cast low-density high entropy alloys. Synthesis from oxide raw materials by centrifugal SHS process 1 Dr. Dmitrii Andreev
00:00 Poster Aluminium alloy development for Automotive applications 0 Ebenezer Donkoh
00:00 Poster Infrared Camera Observation of Electromagnetic Levitated Metallic Alloys 0 Dr. Christian Karrasch
00:00 Poster Cost analysis of recycling new scrap of aluminum-copper alloy from swarf 0 Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jasim Kadhim Al-Tameemi
00:00 Poster Production of High Strength Binary and Ternary Titanium alloys by mechanical alloying 0 Dipl.-Ing. Ahmet Burcin Batibay
00:00 Poster The influence of Fe addition on precipitation of the alpha phase in Beta Ti Alloys 1 Dipl.-Ing. Mariana Mello
00:00 Poster Influence of calcium process control agent (PCA) on Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated by high energy ball milling and spark plasma sintering 1 Dr. Kishore Babu Nagumothu
00:00 Poster Development of electroplated Iridium and Iridium Alloy Layers for Contact Applications supported by Simulation 1 Claudia Schöberl
00:00 Poster High temperature corrosion behaviour of Haynes 230 in molten fluoride eutectic salts 1 Dr. Niketan Patel
00:00 Poster Strain Hardening Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Joints of Nickel-Aluminum Bronze (NAB) Alloy 0 Salar Salahi
00:00 Poster Transmission electron microscopic examination of the precipitation growth in aluminium 2195 1 Johannes Luderschmid
00:00 Poster Cyclic Stress -Strain Response Assessment of Friction Stir Welded Joints of Pure Copper 0 Salar Salahi
00:00 Poster Amorphous Cu–Ti powders by high-energy ball milling: phase transformations and crystallization 1 Dr. Natalia Shkodich
00:00 Poster Superplasticity in a fine-grained tin alloy processed by multi-directional forging 0 Farshad Akbaripanah
00:00 Poster A comparative study of Al based reactive multilayer nanofoils as energetic material for storing chemical energy 1 Seema Sen
00:00 Poster Characteristic motion of magnetic domain walls in Fe-Ga alloy single crystals 1 Dr. Shun Fujieda
00:00 Poster Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Hydrogen Permeability through Pd-Ag Alloy Membrane at Low Temperature 1 Prof. Hiroshi Yukawa
00:00 Poster Method for Refining Silicon from Waste Solar Cells by Steam-plasma Method 1 Dr. Byung-Moon Moon
00:00 Poster In-situ Monitoring Hydrogen Absorption in Nanoporous Palladium produced by Dealloying 1 Dr.-Ing. Eva-Maria Steyskal
00:00 Poster Zinc-MnO 2 Temporary Tattoo battery for On-skin Wearable Electronics 1 Austin Chou
00:00 Poster Investigation of high strength manufactured Al-Fe3O4 nano composite containing various particle content fabricated by accumulative roll bonding process 0 Behrooz Pirouzi
00:00 Poster Accelerated Design and Testing of New Nickel-Based Superalloys for Industrial Gas Turbines 1 Sabin Sulzer
00:00 Poster A review on 3D printing by fused deposition modeling: materials and application 0 Rielson Falck
00:00 Poster Separation of Vanadium Metal from Iraqi Waste Burning Heavy Fuel of Power Plant Using Taguchi Design of Experiments 1 Dipl.-Ing. Khaled Al-Khafajy
00:00 Poster Laser additive manufacturing of high-strength aluminum structures 1 Daniel Knoop
00:00 Poster Effect of silica fume on the behavior of concrete-based carbon fiber 0 Ph.D. Djihen Benchiheub
00:00 Poster Electrophoretic Deposition of PEEK-BG Composite Coatings on 316LStainless Steel: A Design of Experiment Approach 1 Dipl.-Ing. Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman
00:00 Poster Friction Stir Welding of Steel 0 Ph.D. Monatadhar al-Moussawi
00:00 Poster Ductilisation of tungsten (W) 1 Dr. Jens Reiser
00:00 Poster On the anisotropic behavior of extruded 2017 A aluminum alloys. 1 Dr. Abdelghani May
00:00 Poster Study of White Etching Crack Formation in Compression-Torsion Experiments 1 Stefan Averbeck
00:00 Poster Investigation on the correlation between process, microstructure and properties in high silicon ductile iron with special focus on graphite degeneration 1 Jessica Frieß
00:00 Poster Mechanical and thermodynamic properties and structural evolution of the ternary transition metal boride W7Re13B 1 Christopher Neun
00:00 Poster Microstructure Evolution of a Magnesium Tricrystal During Plane Strain Compression 1 Marcel Schreiber
00:00 Poster Microstructural evolution of adiabatic shear bands in the beta titanium alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al 1 Dr.-Ing. Sven Winter
00:00 Poster Method to extract and manipulate Au nanocones for probing and in situ TEM cold-field emission experiments 1 Dr.-Ing. Ludvig de Knoop
00:00 Poster High-resolution scanning electron microscopy for visual characterization of polyelectrolyte layer on ceramic particles surface 1 Dr. Ranko Adjiski
00:00 Poster Optimizing the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for In Situ Applications 1 Dr. Johannes Rattenberger
00:00 Poster Fundamental Investigations on the Covalent Grafting of Aryl-Diazoniums on Graphene and Graphite Surfaces 1 Ph.D. Brandon Hirsch
00:00 Poster Investigation of the Functional 3D Microstructure of Soft Porous Materials 1 Dipl.-Ing. Cecilia Fager
00:00 Poster Structure-activity investigation of Ni-Ga model catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to Methanol 1 Ph.D. Cristiano Spiga
00:00 Poster AFM-based single-molecule force mapping for label-free colorimetric sensing of adenosine, cocaine, and mercury ions 1 Dr. Gang Wei
00:00 Poster Adsorption of Carbon and Nitrogen monoxide onto like-graphene nanosheets: A DFT study 0 Dr. Martín Salazar
00:00 Poster Properties of the by-products of waste combustion materials and their potential for technological applications 1 Dr. Marek Hebda
00:00 Poster In situ compressive deformation of cellular MMC within an XCT and its impact on the phase composition 1 Dr. Harry Berek
00:00 Poster Localized epitaxial growth and characterization of Cr2O3 thin films with different thickness by r.f. magnetron sputtering at low temperature 1 Ph.D. Yin Gao
00:00 Poster Depth profiled XPS analysis and NEXAFS study of Na, K PDT on CIGSe as a function of deposition temperature using synchrotron radiation 0 Isheta Majumdar
00:00 Poster Interface toughness measurements of metallic thin films on silicon 0 Felix Schiebel
00:00 Poster Operando structural characterization CuxZnyS ultra-thin films for solar cells synthesized by means of E-ALD 1 Andrea Giaccherini
00:00 Poster E-ALD of MoS2: possible graphene-like 2D structure and thin films 1 Andrea Giaccherini
00:00 Poster Relationship between cracking and resistance increase in polymer-supported metal films under mechanical load 0 Philipp Thomas Kraker
00:00 Poster Three step heat treatment of ZrNb7 for improved oxide adhesion in tribological applications 1 Mike Mosbacher
00:00 Poster Electrodeposition of dark zinc-nickel alloy coating with desirable adhesion and corrosion resistance 0 Rashid Khalilifard
00:00 Poster Influence of pulse frequency on microstructure and mechanical properties of AlTiN coatings deposited by high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) 0 Aleksei Obrosov
00:00 Poster FEA study of the electrodeposition of Al from ILs: discrepancies between secondary and tertiary current distribution 1 Andrea Giaccherini
00:00 Poster Transparent and conductive coatings with nanoparticulate magnetic additives 1 Maja Jelic
00:00 Poster Synergistic effect of cavitation-erosion and corrosion of Ni-P coating produced by electroless plating 0 Dipl.-Ing. HamidReza Aliakbar
00:00 Poster Deformation Substructure of Austenite Evaluated by Crystallographic Reconstruction and Its influence On Microstructure inheritance in Low Carbon Steels 1 Dr. Lionel Germain
00:00 Poster Determination of total dislocation densities in deformed metals using Kikuchi band profile analysis 1 Dr. Stefan Zaefferer
00:00 Poster Improvement of impact toughness of bainitic steels by novel quenching and dynamic partitioning (Q-DP) process 0 Qiangguo Li
00:00 Poster Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide/hydrogels Nanocomposites. 1 Prof. Dr. Cesar Barbero
00:00 Poster Microstructure and wear resistance of B4C reinforced Al-based metal matrix composite coatings deposited by flame spray process 0 Amirhosein Zabihi
00:00 Poster Formation of high temperature compounds in Ti-B-N-C, W-C-B systems by using reactive spark plasma sintering 1 Prof. Dr. Janis Grabis
00:00 Poster The effects of sodium dodecyl sulfate on morphology, hardness and corrosion behavior of Ni–SiC nano composite coatings in presence of sodium saccharin 0 Hamid Reza Bakhshandeh
00:00 Poster Submicron optical patterning of conductive polymers using doping-induced solubility control 1 Ian Jacobs
00:00 Poster High Temperature Joint Oxide Ceramics and O-CMC for Applications in High Temperature Processes 1 Dipl.-Ing. Christian Gadelmeier
00:00 Poster In-situ synthesis of mesoporous SiON/TiN nanocomposites for photocatalytic application 0 Ph.D. Wasan Awin Eranezhuth
00:00 Poster Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized Mn-containing delafossite (CuFeO2) obtained by Lt-delafossite process 1 Dr. Melanie John
00:00 Poster Global and Local Deformation Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Individual Phases in a Quenched and Partitioned Steel 0 Dr. Ilchat Sabirov
00:00 Poster Electron microscopy studies of large-sized cubic boron nitride superhard cutting blanks for metalworking 1 Elena Kukueva
00:00 Poster Characterization of magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with oleic acid for industrial application 1 Dipl.-Ing. Natália Cristina Candian Lobato
00:00 Poster Elaboration of composite Nickel matrix by milling and heating. 0 Ph.D. Ali Mameri
00:00 Poster The effect of different gas admixtures on nanoparticles formation in a gas aggregation source and their treatment by hollow cathode plasma 1 Dr. Thomas Strunskus
00:00 Poster Synthesis of Alumina based composites prepared by ball milling for Defense Industry 0 Dipl.-Ing. Ahmet Burcin Batibay
00:00 Poster Gold Circuit Fabrication on flexible Polyimide Substrate using Femtosecond Laser Pulses 1 Dr. Regina Estevam Alves
00:00 Poster Corrosion products of degradable magnesium implants promote bacterial biofilm infections 0 Dr. Muhammad Imran Rahim
00:00 Poster Self-reinforced composites from biobased commingled yarns 1 Thomas Köhler
00:00 Poster Hydroxyl Chemistry and Structure of Biochemically treated agro fibres for Biocomposite applications 0 Dr. Emmanuel Akpan
00:00 Poster Modified microfibrous glycogen as a novel material for functional biomimetic scaffolds 1 Ph.D. Martin Parizek
00:00 Poster Aerographite as a scaffold for tissue engineering 0 Mohammadreza Taale
00:00 Poster Bone Surface Micro-environment Mimicked Pla Scaffolds 1 Birgun Ozcolak
00:00 Poster Self-Assembled Plasma Protein Hybrid Nanofibres 1 Christian Helbing
00:00 Poster FEM based approach improves the understanding of extraordinary adhesion of cup-shaped biologically inspired microstructures 0 Dipl.-Ing. Michael Becker
00:00 Poster Whitish ceramized implants and abutments to optimize the aesthetic outcome and improvement of hard and soft tissue management for implantological applications 1 Dr. Ole Jung
00:00 Poster Enzyme Mediated Autodeposition 1 David Wedegärtner
00:00 Poster Formation of Hydroxyapatitecoating with new morphology by BiomimeticCoating Procedure on Anodized Titanium 1 Dipl.-Ing. Shaghayegh Javadi
00:00 Poster Materials-Based Strategies for Prevention of Infection Spreading – Requirements of Antimicrobial surfaces 1 Max Hennig
00:00 Poster Bio-based porous zinc phosphates material with silver nanoparticles prepared from casein protein by hydrothermal synthesis for applications in biological environments 1 Ph.D. Jessica Hinostroza Ramos
00:00 Poster Influence of microstructural discontinuities on the fatigue crack growth behavior of long cracks in the VHCF regime using ultrasonic fatigue testing 1 Tina Kirsten
00:00 Poster Tribology systems for cold forming processes based on volatile lubricants and laser structured surfaces 1 Dipl.-Ing. Georg Umlauf
00:00 Poster Crack growth behavior of the aluminum wrought alloy EN-AW 6082 under cyclic loading in the regime of Very High Cycle Fatigue 1 Fatih Bülbül
00:00 Poster Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of the Cr2-xMnxAlC and Cr2-yFeyAlC MAX-Phases 1 Christin Maria Hamm
00:00 Poster To be, or not to be, a quasicrystal: The strange case of NiZr 1 Dr. Raphael Kobold
00:00 Poster Experimental study of TCP phases in the Ni-Mo-Cr system using diffusion multiples manufactured by encapsulating cast 1 Dipl.-Ing. Robert Popp
00:00 Poster Local modification of Tetrahedral amorphous carbon films using Direct Laser Interference Patterning 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés Fabián Lasagni
00:00 Poster Multiscale structures for influencing bacterial adhesion to PET surfaces 0 Dr.-Ing. Florian Rößler
00:00 Poster Fabrication of periodic surface micropatterns on polymers using Nickel stamps processed with direct laser interference patterning 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés Fabián Lasagni
00:00 Poster Functional coatings on hollow fiber membranes by continuous dip-coating 1 Isabel Jesswein
00:00 Poster Thermochemical heat storage for long-term low-temperature applications: A review on current research at prototype-scale and systems performance estimation. 1 Luca Scapino
00:00 Poster Optical properties of CuAlTe2-based solar cells: First-principles investigations via mBJLDA approach. 0 Dr. Bennacer Hamza
00:00 Poster WO3 nanowedge architectures on ITO for efficient electrochromism and photoelectrocatalytic activity towards water pollutants 0 Dr. Sangeeta Adhikari
00:00 Poster Patterned growth of ZnO nano- and microstructures induced by femtosecond laser pulses 1 Prof. Dr. Paloma Fernández
00:00 Poster Light guiding and optical resonances in ZnS microstructures doped with Ga or In 1 Prof. Dr. Paloma Fernández
00:00 Poster Investigation of particle stability of Manganese-Iron Oxides with TiO2, ZrO2 or CeO2 as support material 1 Nicole Neumann
00:00 Poster Material Design for Thermochemical Energy Storage with Moving Bed Reactor 1 Marie Gollsch
00:00 Poster Kinetics of Coated and Uncoated Crystals 1 Leyla-Cann Sögütoglu
00:00 Poster Nanostructured magnetic semiconductor oxides potential for optical applications 0 Dr. Andrey Telegin
00:00 Poster Characterization of ZnO elongated nanostructures grown by resistive heating of metal wires 1 Prof. Dr. Paloma Fernández
00:00 Poster First Principles Investigation of Metallocorroles as Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction 1 Dr. Monica Kosa
00:00 Poster Improving the Material Efficiency or Substitution of Platinum in the System Pt/YSZ 1 Dennis Przygodda
00:00 Poster Hydrogen sorption kinetics of titanium and magnesium hydride thin films 1 Lukas Michalek
00:00 Poster Towards a parameter free theory of electrochemical phenomena 1 Dr. Clotilde S. Cucinotta
00:00 Poster Proton diffusion at the wet YSZ surface: an ab-initio study 1 Dr. Clotilde S. Cucinotta
00:00 Poster High performance bio-carbon from wheat straw for producing structured electrodes 1 Prof. Dr. Annett Dorner-Reisel
00:00 Poster Gallium nitride on silicon: the role and characteristics of the layers 1 Dr. Elena Konenkova
00:00 Poster Nitrided Layered Ruddlesden–Popper Phase KLaTiO4 and K2La2Ti3O10 Crystals: Photocatalytic Water Oxidation Activity and Fabrication of Their Nanosheets 1 Dipl.-Ing. Kenta Kawashima
00:00 Poster Guided Self-Propelled Leaping of Droplets on a Micro-Anisotropic Superhydrophobic Surface 1 Dr. Jie Liu
00:00 Poster Effect of post-treatments on tribological properties of flame spraying Ni-based alloy coating 0 Dr. Bounar Nedjemeddine
00:00 Poster Analysis of initial clustering in Al-Mg-Si alloys via atom probe tomography 1 Dipl.-Ing. Phillip Dumitraschkewitz
00:00 Poster Revealing the surface state modification effect on strength distribution of Au nanowires 1 Jungho Shin
00:00 Poster Crystallographic fatigue crack growth behaviour in lath martensite structures of carbon steel 1 Dipl.-Ing. Takuya Matsumura
00:00 Poster Relationship between fatigue crack growth and twin boundaries in alloy 718 1 Dipl.-Ing. Makoto Yamaguchi
00:00 Poster In-Situ Study of Fracture Properties of Silicon at Elevated Temperature 1 Dr. Sanjit Bhowmick
00:00 Poster A New Fracture Toughness Test for Ceramic Discs and Plates 1 Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rasche
00:00 Poster Extraction of strain rate sensitivity parameters by inverse finite element modelling of dynamic indentation 1 Max Burley
00:00 Poster Influencing factors on the reproducibility of bias extension tests of fiber reinforced thermoplastics 1 Jasmin Graef
00:00 Poster Are macroscopic fracture mechanical concepts applicable to the microscale? 0 Patrick Grünewald
00:00 Poster Hall-Petch relation for the constrained metallic binder in WC-Co cemented carbides 1 Dr. Joan Josep Roa Rovira
00:00 Poster Microstructural changes in copper under unidirectional reciprocation tribological loading 1 Friederike Ruebeling
00:00 Poster Microstructure and properties of Mg-Zn alloy processed by severe plastic deformation 1 Martin Nemec
00:00 Poster Mechanical Property Distribution by Nanoindentation Mapping 1 Dr. Ude Dirk Hangen
00:00 Poster Compositional trends in grain-boundary elasticity from ab initio calculations: case study of ?5(210) Ni3(Al,Si) 1 Dr. Martin Friak
00:00 Poster Combined experimental and theoretical study of dislocation processes in a CoCrFeMnNi compositionally complex alloy 1 Dr. Martin Friak
00:00 Poster Molecular dynamics simulations of nano-indentation in lamelar microstructures of TiAl 1 Dr. Rebecca Janisch
00:00 Poster Modelling of disorder trapping in rapid solidification of undercooled liquids 0 Dr. Irina Nizovtseva
00:00 Poster Computer Aided Dendrite Tracking 1 Marcus Reinartz
00:00 Poster Models for fast application-oriented simulation of local mechanical properties of precipitation-hardenable aluminium alloys 1 Dr.-Ing. Axel von Hehl
00:00 Poster Understanding the core-shell precipitate formation in Al-Sc-Zr alloy using first-principles methods 1 Ankit Gupta
00:00 Poster Mechanisms of plastic deformation of metallic glass composites with crystalline secondary phases 1 Dr.-Ing. Tobias Brink
00:00 Poster Distortions during Quenching Process of Extruded Tubes 1 Gaurav Kulkarni
00:00 Poster Chemo-mechanical coupling and its effect on ripening in Aluminium-Lithium alloys 1 Christian Schwarze
00:00 Poster 4D X-ray microscopy - In Situ imaging of practical volume samples 1 Dr. Lars-Oliver Kautschor
00:00 Poster Electric discharge machinable Y-Nd-TZP – WC nanocomposites with tailored mechanical properties manufactured by pulsed electric current sintering 1 Dr. Frank Kern
00:00 Poster Improving The Mechanical Properties of a Cast Mg Alloy AZ91 Through the Equal Channel Angular Pressing 0 Ph.D. Somayeh Khani
00:00 Poster The Development of Multifunctional Structural Battery Composites 1 Andrew Westover
00:00 Poster The Use of Chemical Vapor Deposition for Li-Ion Battery Application – Possibilities and Limitations 1 Christoph Loho
00:00 Poster Electrospun microporous carbon fibers and niobia/carbon hybrid fibers for electrochemical applications 1 Aura Monserrat Tolosa Rodriguez
00:00 Poster Additive-Free Lithium-Ion Cathodes by Freeze-Casting Technology 1 Sebastian Behr
00:00 Poster In situ X-ray absorption spectra measurements of rhombohedral NASICON-type cathode ma-terials 1 Dr. Shun Fujieda
00:00 Poster Comparing the microstructure of multilayer ultrasonic spot welds of lithium ion batteries depending on the copper foil production 1 Mario Rentsch
00:00 Poster Thermodynamic properties of lithium silicides from ab-initio and force field methods 1 Sebastian Schwalbe
00:00 Poster Voltage and capacity control of polyaniline based organic electrodes: an ab initio study 1 Yingqian Chen
00:00 Poster The effect of ultra-fine grained structure on the phase transformation occurring in metastable beta titanium alloys 1 Kristina Václavová
00:00 Poster Developing high strength nanoporous metals by dealloying 1 Prof. Haijun Jin
00:00 Poster On the effect of natural aging prior to low temperature ECAP of a high-strength aluminum alloy 1 Sebastian Fritsch
00:00 Poster Structure evolution of copper coated iron powder during deformation by high pressure torsion 0 Dr. Timo Müller
00:00 Poster Materials with vortex-like structure produced by high pressure torsion extrusion 1 Dr. Roman Kulagin
00:00 Poster The investigation of powder metallurgical Al7075-based alloys prepared by spark plasma sintering 1 Orsolya Molnárová
00:00 Poster Cluster dynamics modelling for the precipitation in Al-Cu 1 Tobias Stegmüller
00:00 Poster Temperature and oxygen partial pressure dependent conductivity of Cr- and al-doped TiO2 1 Sebastian Schröder
00:00 Poster Development of thermoplastic composites by innovative microwave heating process 1 Klaus Vonberg
00:00 Poster High temperature degradation of plasma sprayed/ laser sealed ceria-yttria stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coatings by eutectic vanadium Pentoxide-sodium sulfate 1 Dipl.-Ing. Maryam Abduladheem Ali Bash
00:00 Poster Enhanced Ductility in Serrated Grain Boundaries of Nickel Based Superalloy Haynes 282 1 Dr. Lawrence Osoba
00:00 Poster Properties of high performance glass composite sealants 1 Dipl.-Ing. Yun-kang Ham
00:00 Poster Defect chemistry and conductivity mechanisms in B-site doped and A-site non-stoichiometric Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 1 Sebastian Steiner
00:00 Poster Influence of Hot-Extrusion on Microstructure and High-Temperature Properties of a new Nickel Based Superalloy AD730 1 Jan-Marc Tiemann
00:00 Poster Metal Dusting Prevention by Two Protection Systems in One Coating, Oxide Barrier and Catalytic Inhibition 0 Dipl.-Ing. Sonja Madloch
00:00 Poster A study of the effect of sol-gel synthesis on ionic conductivity of MgZr4P6O24 1 Mohammed Adamu
00:00 Poster Frictional and mechanical properties of sintered Cu-nanoSiO2 multilayer’s 0 Dr. Hassiba Ait Sadi
00:00 Poster Corrosion Mechanism of Pre-oxidized Ni-10Cu-11Fe-6Al-1.86Sn Alloy in Molten Cryolite Medium 0 Dipl.-Ing. Iman Savehdoroudi
00:00 Poster Transparent optical temperature Mo4+/V3+ co doped Si-Ga-based nano structured glass ceramics sensors 0 Dr. Navid Hosseinabadi

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Ferroic materials play a key role in a wide range of technologically relevant devices. They all share the common feature that the microstructure and domains determine to a great extent their functionality. Among the promising piezoelectric materials for actuation applications is the solid solution Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 (BNT)-SrTiO3 (ST). Recently it was found that this material is characterized by a core-shell microstructure that largely determines its electromechanical and dielectric properties [1]. In this contribution, we reveal the core-shell and domain formation in nanoparticles during a calcination process by means of in-situ TEM experiments. The solid state chemical reactions occurring upon heating could be followed in real time and the temperature-dependent core-shell formation and structural evolution was investigated. The experiments were carried out varying from 300 °C up to 800 °C using a dedicated in-situ TEM holder and a MEMS heating chip. Domain nucleation processes in the nanoparticles were observed. A domain-like structure was observed at T = 800 °C and atomic resolution was possible due to the high thermal stability and low-drift conditions. In situ TEM calcination temperature ramps were established according to previously obtained thermo-gravimetric analysis (TG/DTA) and ex-situ X-ray diffraction (XRD) results [2]. Ferroelectricity of core and shell was confirmed via PFM [3].

[1] M. Acosta, L.A. Schmitt, L. Molina-Luna, M.C. Scherrer, M. Brilz, K. G. Webber, M. Deluca, H.-J. Kleebe, J. Rödel, and W. Donner. Core-shell lead-free piezoelectric ceramics: current status and advanced characterization of the Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-SrTiO3 system. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 98, pp. 3405-3422 (2015).

[2] J. Koruza, V Rojas, L Molina-Luna, U. Kunz, M. Duerrschnabel, H.-J. Kleebe, M. Acosta, Matias. Formation of the core–shell microstructure in lead-free Bi1/2Na1/2TiO3-SrTiO3 piezoceramics and its influence on the electromechanical properties. Journal of the European Ceramic Society (36) pp. 1009-1016 (2016).

[3] L. Molina-Luna, M. Acosta, X. Qian Xu, N. Liu, C. Dietz, R.W. Stark, H.-J. Kleebe. Core-shell formation in (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-xSrTiO3 nanoparticles revealed by in situ TEM. ACS Nano. To be submitted.


Dr. Leopoldo Molina-Luna
Darmstadt University of Technology
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Matias Acosta
    Darmstadt University of Technology
  • Dr. Qian Xu
  • Na Liu
    Darmstadt University of Technology
  • Dr. Christian Dietz
    Darmstadt University of Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Stark
    TU Darmstadt
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Kleebe
    Darmstadt University of Technology