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Gallium nitride on silicon: the role and characteristics of the layers

Part of:
- Lecture Core-shell formation in (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-xSrTiO3 nanoparticles revealed by in situ TEM 0 Dr. Leopoldo Molina-Luna
- Poster Micro-mechanical measurement of fracture behaviour of individual grain boundaries in Ni Alloy 600 exposed to a pressurized water reactor environment 1 Dr. Alisa Stratulat
- Poster High temperature hot corrosion behavior of TiMoCN-29%Ni coating on stainless steel in an aggressive environment 1 Ph.D. Cesánek Zdenek
- Poster Biphasic composites synthesized from layered calcium phosphates 0 Elena Kukueva
- Poster Boron-Based Carbon Fiber Coating Of low Carbon Steel for Ultra-Fast Surface Hardening 0 Prof. Dr. Bakr Rabeeh
- Poster Effect of T-stress on fatigue crack growth of stable and metastable austenitic stainless steels in combination with thermography 1 Carl Wolf
- Poster Bolt friction welding of hybrid compounds of aluminium and CFRP 1 Dr.-Ing. Axel von Hehl
- Poster Machining induced delamination of CFRP and its effect on static and cyclic bending behavior 1 Manuel Grudenik
- Poster Sulfation kinetics of high temperature corrosion in waste to energy plants 1 Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Ott
- Poster Lattice Based Monte Carlo Simulations of Relaxor Ferroelectrics and the Electrocaloric Effect 0 Simon Filippi
- Poster Ideal strength of MoX (X=V, Nb, and Ta) alloys along [001] direction 0 Dr. Alejandro Bautista-Hernandez
- Poster Enhanced hardness in pure copper processed by mechanical milling and spark plasma sintering 1 Prof. Masahiro Kubota
- Poster Phase-field simulation on relaxor ferroelectrics based on random field theory 1 Shuai Wang
- Poster Nanoscale piezoelectric properties of (1-x)Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3-x(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 ceramics studied by piezoresponse force microscopy 0 Xijie Jiang
- Poster Synthesis of Sulfonic Silica Magnetite from Marina Beach Ironsand, Semarang, indonesia 0 Dr. Choiril Azmiyawati
- Poster In-situ scratch analysis of injection molded plates from Polypropylene and Polystyrene in and perpendicular to the flow direction 0 Alexandra Freimut
- Poster A macroporous monolithic hydrogel matrix for immobilization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in bioethanol production 1 Prof. Dr. Cesar Barbero
- Poster Effect of deep cryogenic treatment on thermoplastic samples 0 Theresa Beyrich
- Poster Low cost carbon fibres pave the way for a widespread use of carbon fibre reinforced plastics 1 Tim Röding
- Poster Effect of hydrogen on twinning-mediated crack growth in pure titanium single crystals under cyclic loading 1 Dipl.-Ing. Kosuke Takagi
- Poster Effect of demineralized water purity on the corrosion behavior of steel alloys 0 Mostafa Elsehamy
- Poster Comparing Fracture of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Resin and Carbon Fiber Polyamide Resin Composites 0 Robert Schreiber
- Poster The effect of hydrophilic monomers on silicone-based hydrogels properties 1 Ph.D. Diana Silva
- Poster Microstructure and pseudo-elastic behavior of additively processed Fe-Mn-Al-Ni 1 Dipl.-Ing. Florian Brenne
- Poster Functional properties of TiTaX shape memory alloys 1 Philipp Krooß
- Poster Microstructural investigations of the TiNiCu shape memory materials obtained by unconventional technologies 1 Dr. Diana Cirstea
- Poster Thermodynamic investigations of Fe–Mn–Al–Ni shape memory alloys 1 Dr.-Ing. Mario J. Kriegel
- Poster Functional degradation in FeNiCoAlTa iron based shape memory alloys 1 Philipp Krooß
- Poster Martensite stabilization in CoNiGa high temperature shape memory alloys 1 Philipp Krooß
- Poster Damage evolution in pseudoelastic polycrystalline Co-Ni-Ga-X high-temperature shape memory alloys 1 Christian Lauhoff
- Poster Superhard cutting composites for mechanical machining in aerospace industry 1 Dr. Alexander Anokhin
- Poster Enhanced bending plasticity induced by twinning-detwinning in thin Mg wires prepared by single-step direct extrusion. 1 Karel Tesar
- Poster Novel Approach to Keyhole Closure in Aluminum Alloys using Friction Spot Welding 0 Martin Reimann
- Poster Experimental Thermal Runaway Study in 18650 Cylindrical Li-Ion Cells Using an Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 1 Boxia Lei
- Poster Simulations of the RDE voltammetry in IL, kinetics and transport. 1 Andrea Giaccherini
- Poster Finite element simulation of the tension/compression asymmetry and the deformation behavior under combined compression/shear in pseudoelastic NiTi using the Drucker-Prager yield criterion 1 Dipl.-Ing. Mina Pouya
- Poster Calorimetric measurements of liquid Ga-Li-Zn alloys 1 Sylwia Terlicka
- Poster Calorimetric studies of Ga-Li system 1 Dr.-Ing. Adam Debski
- Poster Fabrication and characterisation of microstructure of Be-Ti and Be-Zr rods 1 Dr. Petr Kurinskiy
- Poster Characterization and corrosion behavior of PEO coatings containing Al2O3 nano-particles on AZ31 magnesium alloy formed at different electrolyte temperatures 0 Dipl.-Ing. Yasin Mehdizade
- Poster Cast low-density high entropy alloys. Synthesis from oxide raw materials by centrifugal SHS process 1 Dr. Dmitrii Andreev
- Poster Aluminium alloy development for Automotive applications 0 Ebenezer Donkoh
- Poster Infrared Camera Observation of Electromagnetic Levitated Metallic Alloys 0 Dr. Christian Karrasch
- Poster Cost analysis of recycling new scrap of aluminum-copper alloy from swarf 0 Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jasim Kadhim Al-Tameemi
- Poster Production of High Strength Binary and Ternary Titanium alloys by mechanical alloying 0 Dipl.-Ing. Ahmet Burcin Batibay
- Poster The influence of Fe addition on precipitation of the alpha phase in Beta Ti Alloys 1 Dipl.-Ing. Mariana Mello
- Poster Influence of calcium process control agent (PCA) on Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated by high energy ball milling and spark plasma sintering 1 Dr. Kishore Babu Nagumothu
- Poster Development of electroplated Iridium and Iridium Alloy Layers for Contact Applications supported by Simulation 1 Claudia Schöberl
- Poster High temperature corrosion behaviour of Haynes 230 in molten fluoride eutectic salts 1 Dr. Niketan Patel
- Poster Strain Hardening Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Joints of Nickel-Aluminum Bronze (NAB) Alloy 0 Salar Salahi
- Poster Transmission electron microscopic examination of the precipitation growth in aluminium 2195 1 Johannes Luderschmid
- Poster Cyclic Stress -Strain Response Assessment of Friction Stir Welded Joints of Pure Copper 0 Salar Salahi
- Poster Amorphous Cu–Ti powders by high-energy ball milling: phase transformations and crystallization 1 Dr. Natalia Shkodich
- Poster Superplasticity in a fine-grained tin alloy processed by multi-directional forging 0 Farshad Akbaripanah
- Poster A comparative study of Al based reactive multilayer nanofoils as energetic material for storing chemical energy 1 Seema Sen
- Poster Characteristic motion of magnetic domain walls in Fe-Ga alloy single crystals 1 Dr. Shun Fujieda
- Poster Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Hydrogen Permeability through Pd-Ag Alloy Membrane at Low Temperature 1 Prof. Hiroshi Yukawa
- Poster Method for Refining Silicon from Waste Solar Cells by Steam-plasma Method 1 Dr. Byung-Moon Moon
- Poster In-situ Monitoring Hydrogen Absorption in Nanoporous Palladium produced by Dealloying 1 Dr.-Ing. Eva-Maria Steyskal
- Poster Zinc-MnO 2 Temporary Tattoo battery for On-skin Wearable Electronics 1 Austin Chou
- Poster Investigation of high strength manufactured Al-Fe3O4 nano composite containing various particle content fabricated by accumulative roll bonding process 0 Behrooz Pirouzi
- Poster Accelerated Design and Testing of New Nickel-Based Superalloys for Industrial Gas Turbines 1 Sabin Sulzer
- Poster A review on 3D printing by fused deposition modeling: materials and application 0 Rielson Falck
- Poster Separation of Vanadium Metal from Iraqi Waste Burning Heavy Fuel of Power Plant Using Taguchi Design of Experiments 1 Dipl.-Ing. Khaled Al-Khafajy
- Poster Laser additive manufacturing of high-strength aluminum structures 1 Daniel Knoop
- Poster Effect of silica fume on the behavior of concrete-based carbon fiber 0 Ph.D. Djihen Benchiheub
- Poster Electrophoretic Deposition of PEEK-BG Composite Coatings on 316LStainless Steel: A Design of Experiment Approach 1 Dipl.-Ing. Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman
- Poster Friction Stir Welding of Steel 0 Ph.D. Monatadhar al-Moussawi
- Poster Ductilisation of tungsten (W) 1 Dr. Jens Reiser
- Poster On the anisotropic behavior of extruded 2017 A aluminum alloys. 1 Dr. Abdelghani May
- Poster Study of White Etching Crack Formation in Compression-Torsion Experiments 1 Stefan Averbeck
- Poster Investigation on the correlation between process, microstructure and properties in high silicon ductile iron with special focus on graphite degeneration 1 Jessica Frieß
- Poster Mechanical and thermodynamic properties and structural evolution of the ternary transition metal boride W7Re13B 1 Christopher Neun
- Poster Microstructure Evolution of a Magnesium Tricrystal During Plane Strain Compression 1 Marcel Schreiber
- Poster Microstructural evolution of adiabatic shear bands in the beta titanium alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al 1 Dr.-Ing. Sven Winter
- Poster Method to extract and manipulate Au nanocones for probing and in situ TEM cold-field emission experiments 1 Dr.-Ing. Ludvig de Knoop
- Poster High-resolution scanning electron microscopy for visual characterization of polyelectrolyte layer on ceramic particles surface 1 Dr. Ranko Adjiski
- Poster Optimizing the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for In Situ Applications 1 Dr. Johannes Rattenberger
- Poster Fundamental Investigations on the Covalent Grafting of Aryl-Diazoniums on Graphene and Graphite Surfaces 1 Ph.D. Brandon Hirsch
- Poster Investigation of the Functional 3D Microstructure of Soft Porous Materials 1 Dipl.-Ing. Cecilia Fager
- Poster Structure-activity investigation of Ni-Ga model catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to Methanol 1 Ph.D. Cristiano Spiga
- Poster AFM-based single-molecule force mapping for label-free colorimetric sensing of adenosine, cocaine, and mercury ions 1 Dr. Gang Wei
- Poster Adsorption of Carbon and Nitrogen monoxide onto like-graphene nanosheets: A DFT study 0 Dr. Martín Salazar
- Poster Properties of the by-products of waste combustion materials and their potential for technological applications 1 Dr. Marek Hebda
- Poster In situ compressive deformation of cellular MMC within an XCT and its impact on the phase composition 1 Dr. Harry Berek
- Poster Localized epitaxial growth and characterization of Cr2O3 thin films with different thickness by r.f. magnetron sputtering at low temperature 1 Ph.D. Yin Gao
- Poster Depth profiled XPS analysis and NEXAFS study of Na, K PDT on CIGSe as a function of deposition temperature using synchrotron radiation 0 Isheta Majumdar
- Poster Interface toughness measurements of metallic thin films on silicon 0 Felix Schiebel
- Poster Operando structural characterization CuxZnyS ultra-thin films for solar cells synthesized by means of E-ALD 1 Andrea Giaccherini
- Poster E-ALD of MoS2: possible graphene-like 2D structure and thin films 1 Andrea Giaccherini
- Poster Relationship between cracking and resistance increase in polymer-supported metal films under mechanical load 0 Philipp Thomas Kraker
- Poster Three step heat treatment of ZrNb7 for improved oxide adhesion in tribological applications 1 Mike Mosbacher
- Poster Electrodeposition of dark zinc-nickel alloy coating with desirable adhesion and corrosion resistance 0 Rashid Khalilifard
- Poster Influence of pulse frequency on microstructure and mechanical properties of AlTiN coatings deposited by high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) 0 Aleksei Obrosov
- Poster FEA study of the electrodeposition of Al from ILs: discrepancies between secondary and tertiary current distribution 1 Andrea Giaccherini
- Poster Transparent and conductive coatings with nanoparticulate magnetic additives 1 Maja Jelic
- Poster Synergistic effect of cavitation-erosion and corrosion of Ni-P coating produced by electroless plating 0 Dipl.-Ing. HamidReza Aliakbar
- Poster Deformation Substructure of Austenite Evaluated by Crystallographic Reconstruction and Its influence On Microstructure inheritance in Low Carbon Steels 1 Dr. Lionel Germain
- Poster Determination of total dislocation densities in deformed metals using Kikuchi band profile analysis 1 Dr. Stefan Zaefferer
- Poster Improvement of impact toughness of bainitic steels by novel quenching and dynamic partitioning (Q-DP) process 0 Qiangguo Li
- Poster Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide/hydrogels Nanocomposites. 1 Prof. Dr. Cesar Barbero
- Poster Microstructure and wear resistance of B4C reinforced Al-based metal matrix composite coatings deposited by flame spray process 0 Amirhosein Zabihi
- Poster Formation of high temperature compounds in Ti-B-N-C, W-C-B systems by using reactive spark plasma sintering 1 Prof. Dr. Janis Grabis
- Poster The effects of sodium dodecyl sulfate on morphology, hardness and corrosion behavior of Ni–SiC nano composite coatings in presence of sodium saccharin 0 Hamid Reza Bakhshandeh
- Poster Submicron optical patterning of conductive polymers using doping-induced solubility control 1 Ian Jacobs
- Poster High Temperature Joint Oxide Ceramics and O-CMC for Applications in High Temperature Processes 1 Dipl.-Ing. Christian Gadelmeier
- Poster In-situ synthesis of mesoporous SiON/TiN nanocomposites for photocatalytic application 0 Ph.D. Wasan Awin Eranezhuth
- Poster Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized Mn-containing delafossite (CuFeO2) obtained by Lt-delafossite process 1 Dr. Melanie John
- Poster Global and Local Deformation Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Individual Phases in a Quenched and Partitioned Steel 0 Dr. Ilchat Sabirov
- Poster Electron microscopy studies of large-sized cubic boron nitride superhard cutting blanks for metalworking 1 Elena Kukueva
- Poster Characterization of magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with oleic acid for industrial application 1 Dipl.-Ing. Natália Cristina Candian Lobato
- Poster Elaboration of composite Nickel matrix by milling and heating. 0 Ph.D. Ali Mameri
- Poster The effect of different gas admixtures on nanoparticles formation in a gas aggregation source and their treatment by hollow cathode plasma 1 Dr. Thomas Strunskus
- Poster Synthesis of Alumina based composites prepared by ball milling for Defense Industry 0 Dipl.-Ing. Ahmet Burcin Batibay
- Poster Gold Circuit Fabrication on flexible Polyimide Substrate using Femtosecond Laser Pulses 1 Dr. Regina Estevam Alves
- Poster Corrosion products of degradable magnesium implants promote bacterial biofilm infections 0 Dr. Muhammad Imran Rahim
- Poster Self-reinforced composites from biobased commingled yarns 1 Thomas Köhler
- Poster Hydroxyl Chemistry and Structure of Biochemically treated agro fibres for Biocomposite applications 0 Dr. Emmanuel Akpan
- Poster Modified microfibrous glycogen as a novel material for functional biomimetic scaffolds 1 Ph.D. Martin Parizek
- Poster Aerographite as a scaffold for tissue engineering 0 Mohammadreza Taale
- Poster Bone Surface Micro-environment Mimicked Pla Scaffolds 1 Birgun Ozcolak
- Poster Self-Assembled Plasma Protein Hybrid Nanofibres 1 Christian Helbing
- Poster FEM based approach improves the understanding of extraordinary adhesion of cup-shaped biologically inspired microstructures 0 Dipl.-Ing. Michael Becker
- Poster Whitish ceramized implants and abutments to optimize the aesthetic outcome and improvement of hard and soft tissue management for implantological applications 1 Dr. Ole Jung
- Poster Enzyme Mediated Autodeposition 1 David Wedegärtner
- Poster Formation of Hydroxyapatitecoating with new morphology by BiomimeticCoating Procedure on Anodized Titanium 1 Dipl.-Ing. Shaghayegh Javadi
- Poster Materials-Based Strategies for Prevention of Infection Spreading – Requirements of Antimicrobial surfaces 1 Max Hennig
- Poster Bio-based porous zinc phosphates material with silver nanoparticles prepared from casein protein by hydrothermal synthesis for applications in biological environments 1 Ph.D. Jessica Hinostroza Ramos
- Poster Influence of microstructural discontinuities on the fatigue crack growth behavior of long cracks in the VHCF regime using ultrasonic fatigue testing 1 Tina Kirsten
- Poster Tribology systems for cold forming processes based on volatile lubricants and laser structured surfaces 1 Dipl.-Ing. Georg Umlauf
- Poster Crack growth behavior of the aluminum wrought alloy EN-AW 6082 under cyclic loading in the regime of Very High Cycle Fatigue 1 Fatih Bülbül
- Poster Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of the Cr2-xMnxAlC and Cr2-yFeyAlC MAX-Phases 1 Christin Maria Hamm
- Poster To be, or not to be, a quasicrystal: The strange case of NiZr 1 Dr. Raphael Kobold
- Poster Experimental study of TCP phases in the Ni-Mo-Cr system using diffusion multiples manufactured by encapsulating cast 1 Dipl.-Ing. Robert Popp
- Poster Local modification of Tetrahedral amorphous carbon films using Direct Laser Interference Patterning 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés Fabián Lasagni
- Poster Multiscale structures for influencing bacterial adhesion to PET surfaces 0 Dr.-Ing. Florian Rößler
- Poster Fabrication of periodic surface micropatterns on polymers using Nickel stamps processed with direct laser interference patterning 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés Fabián Lasagni
- Poster Functional coatings on hollow fiber membranes by continuous dip-coating 1 Isabel Jesswein
- Poster Thermochemical heat storage for long-term low-temperature applications: A review on current research at prototype-scale and systems performance estimation. 1 Luca Scapino
- Poster Optical properties of CuAlTe2-based solar cells: First-principles investigations via mBJLDA approach. 0 Dr. Bennacer Hamza
- Poster WO3 nanowedge architectures on ITO for efficient electrochromism and photoelectrocatalytic activity towards water pollutants 0 Dr. Sangeeta Adhikari
- Poster Patterned growth of ZnO nano- and microstructures induced by femtosecond laser pulses 1 Prof. Dr. Paloma Fernández
- Poster Light guiding and optical resonances in ZnS microstructures doped with Ga or In 1 Prof. Dr. Paloma Fernández
- Poster Investigation of particle stability of Manganese-Iron Oxides with TiO2, ZrO2 or CeO2 as support material 1 Nicole Neumann
- Poster Material Design for Thermochemical Energy Storage with Moving Bed Reactor 1 Marie Gollsch
- Poster Kinetics of Coated and Uncoated Crystals 1 Leyla-Cann Sögütoglu
- Poster Nanostructured magnetic semiconductor oxides potential for optical applications 0 Dr. Andrey Telegin
- Poster Characterization of ZnO elongated nanostructures grown by resistive heating of metal wires 1 Prof. Dr. Paloma Fernández
- Poster First Principles Investigation of Metallocorroles as Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction 1 Dr. Monica Kosa
- Poster Improving the Material Efficiency or Substitution of Platinum in the System Pt/YSZ 1 Dennis Przygodda
- Poster Hydrogen sorption kinetics of titanium and magnesium hydride thin films 1 Lukas Michalek
- Poster Towards a parameter free theory of electrochemical phenomena 1 Dr. Clotilde S. Cucinotta
- Poster Proton diffusion at the wet YSZ surface: an ab-initio study 1 Dr. Clotilde S. Cucinotta
- Poster High performance bio-carbon from wheat straw for producing structured electrodes 1 Prof. Dr. Annett Dorner-Reisel
- Poster Gallium nitride on silicon: the role and characteristics of the layers 1 Dr. Elena Konenkova
- Poster Nitrided Layered Ruddlesden–Popper Phase KLaTiO4 and K2La2Ti3O10 Crystals: Photocatalytic Water Oxidation Activity and Fabrication of Their Nanosheets 1 Dipl.-Ing. Kenta Kawashima
- Poster Guided Self-Propelled Leaping of Droplets on a Micro-Anisotropic Superhydrophobic Surface 1 Dr. Jie Liu
- Poster Effect of post-treatments on tribological properties of flame spraying Ni-based alloy coating 0 Dr. Bounar Nedjemeddine
- Poster Analysis of initial clustering in Al-Mg-Si alloys via atom probe tomography 1 Dipl.-Ing. Phillip Dumitraschkewitz
- Poster Revealing the surface state modification effect on strength distribution of Au nanowires 1 Jungho Shin
- Poster Crystallographic fatigue crack growth behaviour in lath martensite structures of carbon steel 1 Dipl.-Ing. Takuya Matsumura
- Poster Relationship between fatigue crack growth and twin boundaries in alloy 718 1 Dipl.-Ing. Makoto Yamaguchi
- Poster In-Situ Study of Fracture Properties of Silicon at Elevated Temperature 1 Dr. Sanjit Bhowmick
- Poster A New Fracture Toughness Test for Ceramic Discs and Plates 1 Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rasche
- Poster Extraction of strain rate sensitivity parameters by inverse finite element modelling of dynamic indentation 1 Max Burley
- Poster Influencing factors on the reproducibility of bias extension tests of fiber reinforced thermoplastics 1 Jasmin Graef
- Poster Are macroscopic fracture mechanical concepts applicable to the microscale? 0 Patrick Grünewald
- Poster Hall-Petch relation for the constrained metallic binder in WC-Co cemented carbides 1 Dr. Joan Josep Roa Rovira
- Poster Microstructural changes in copper under unidirectional reciprocation tribological loading 1 Friederike Ruebeling
- Poster Microstructure and properties of Mg-Zn alloy processed by severe plastic deformation 1 Martin Nemec
- Poster Mechanical Property Distribution by Nanoindentation Mapping 1 Dr. Ude Dirk Hangen
- Poster Compositional trends in grain-boundary elasticity from ab initio calculations: case study of ?5(210) Ni3(Al,Si) 1 Dr. Martin Friak
- Poster Combined experimental and theoretical study of dislocation processes in a CoCrFeMnNi compositionally complex alloy 1 Dr. Martin Friak
- Poster Molecular dynamics simulations of nano-indentation in lamelar microstructures of TiAl 1 Dr. Rebecca Janisch
- Poster Modelling of disorder trapping in rapid solidification of undercooled liquids 0 Dr. Irina Nizovtseva
- Poster Computer Aided Dendrite Tracking 1 Marcus Reinartz
- Poster Models for fast application-oriented simulation of local mechanical properties of precipitation-hardenable aluminium alloys 1 Dr.-Ing. Axel von Hehl
- Poster Understanding the core-shell precipitate formation in Al-Sc-Zr alloy using first-principles methods 1 Ankit Gupta
- Poster Mechanisms of plastic deformation of metallic glass composites with crystalline secondary phases 1 Dr.-Ing. Tobias Brink
- Poster Distortions during Quenching Process of Extruded Tubes 1 Gaurav Kulkarni
- Poster Chemo-mechanical coupling and its effect on ripening in Aluminium-Lithium alloys 1 Christian Schwarze
- Poster 4D X-ray microscopy - In Situ imaging of practical volume samples 1 Dr. Lars-Oliver Kautschor
- Poster Electric discharge machinable Y-Nd-TZP – WC nanocomposites with tailored mechanical properties manufactured by pulsed electric current sintering 1 Dr. Frank Kern
- Poster Improving The Mechanical Properties of a Cast Mg Alloy AZ91 Through the Equal Channel Angular Pressing 0 Ph.D. Somayeh Khani
- Poster The Development of Multifunctional Structural Battery Composites 1 Andrew Westover
- Poster The Use of Chemical Vapor Deposition for Li-Ion Battery Application – Possibilities and Limitations 1 Christoph Loho
- Poster Electrospun microporous carbon fibers and niobia/carbon hybrid fibers for electrochemical applications 1 Aura Monserrat Tolosa Rodriguez
- Poster Additive-Free Lithium-Ion Cathodes by Freeze-Casting Technology 1 Sebastian Behr
- Poster In situ X-ray absorption spectra measurements of rhombohedral NASICON-type cathode ma-terials 1 Dr. Shun Fujieda
- Poster Comparing the microstructure of multilayer ultrasonic spot welds of lithium ion batteries depending on the copper foil production 1 Mario Rentsch
- Poster Thermodynamic properties of lithium silicides from ab-initio and force field methods 1 Sebastian Schwalbe
- Poster Voltage and capacity control of polyaniline based organic electrodes: an ab initio study 1 Yingqian Chen
- Poster The effect of ultra-fine grained structure on the phase transformation occurring in metastable beta titanium alloys 1 Kristina Václavová
- Poster Developing high strength nanoporous metals by dealloying 1 Prof. Haijun Jin
- Poster On the effect of natural aging prior to low temperature ECAP of a high-strength aluminum alloy 1 Sebastian Fritsch
- Poster Structure evolution of copper coated iron powder during deformation by high pressure torsion 0 Dr. Timo Müller
- Poster Materials with vortex-like structure produced by high pressure torsion extrusion 1 Dr. Roman Kulagin
- Poster The investigation of powder metallurgical Al7075-based alloys prepared by spark plasma sintering 1 Orsolya Molnárová
- Poster Cluster dynamics modelling for the precipitation in Al-Cu 1 Tobias Stegmüller
- Poster Temperature and oxygen partial pressure dependent conductivity of Cr- and al-doped TiO2 1 Sebastian Schröder
- Poster Development of thermoplastic composites by innovative microwave heating process 1 Klaus Vonberg
- Poster High temperature degradation of plasma sprayed/ laser sealed ceria-yttria stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coatings by eutectic vanadium Pentoxide-sodium sulfate 1 Dipl.-Ing. Maryam Abduladheem Ali Bash
- Poster Enhanced Ductility in Serrated Grain Boundaries of Nickel Based Superalloy Haynes 282 1 Dr. Lawrence Osoba
- Poster Properties of high performance glass composite sealants 1 Dipl.-Ing. Yun-kang Ham
- Poster Defect chemistry and conductivity mechanisms in B-site doped and A-site non-stoichiometric Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 1 Sebastian Steiner
- Poster Influence of Hot-Extrusion on Microstructure and High-Temperature Properties of a new Nickel Based Superalloy AD730 1 Jan-Marc Tiemann
- Poster Metal Dusting Prevention by Two Protection Systems in One Coating, Oxide Barrier and Catalytic Inhibition 0 Dipl.-Ing. Sonja Madloch
- Poster A study of the effect of sol-gel synthesis on ionic conductivity of MgZr4P6O24 1 Mohammed Adamu
- Poster Frictional and mechanical properties of sintered Cu-nanoSiO2 multilayer’s 0 Dr. Hassiba Ait Sadi
- Poster Corrosion Mechanism of Pre-oxidized Ni-10Cu-11Fe-6Al-1.86Sn Alloy in Molten Cryolite Medium 0 Dipl.-Ing. Iman Savehdoroudi
- Poster Transparent optical temperature Mo4+/V3+ co doped Si-Ga-based nano structured glass ceramics sensors 0 Dr. Navid Hosseinabadi

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The development of the technology for the synthesis of semipolar GaN(20-23) and polar GaN(0001) layers on the planar Si(100) and Si(111) substrates with the use of SiC and AlN buffer layers.


Polar and semipolar layers we obtained on Si(111) and Si(100) substrates, respectively. The GaN layers were grown as follows. At first, the SiC/Si template with a thickness of ~100 nm was formed by solid-phase epitaxy. Then, by the HVPE method, the AlN buffer layer ~ 300 nm thick was formed and the main GaN layer was grown. The thickness of the GaN layer grown on the SiC/Si(100) template was 10 ?m, whereas the thickness of the GaN layer grown on the SiC/Si(111) template was up to 40 ?m.

Experimental results:

In the study of AlN and GaN layers grown on SiC/Si(100) templates it was shown that:

- the growth of AlN occurs in a semipolar direction with the formation of columnar structure at the 3C-SiC(111) facets.

- the "a"-axis of the GaN layer coincides with Si(011) and 3C-SiC(011) direction, whereas the “c”-axis is almost parallel to the Si axis. The layer is synthesized in the semipolar GaN(20-23) orientation. The basal-plane stacking faults (BSF) are the main defects in a semipolar GaN. The full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) values of the x-ray diffraction rocking curves for GaN(20-23) reflex were within the range ?? ~ 20–24 arcmin. The photoluminescence spectra contain a line corresponded with a bound exciton (h = 3.44 eV), as well as two new lines with h = 3.36 eV and h = 3.23 eV that can be associated with the stacking faults.

The study of AlN and GaN layers on SiC/Si(111) template showed that the epitaxial growth of AlN and then of GaN proceeds along "c"-direction. The misfit dislocations penetrate through the whole AlN layer and only in part into the GaN layer up to ~300 nm depth. In our opinion, this effect is related to the appearance of a so-called "plastic” substrate during AlN heteroepitaxy

The FWHM of the (0002) reflex was ?? ~ 60 arcmin and ~ 500 arcsec for AlN and GaN layers, respectively. The photoluminescence spectrum measured at 77 K contains lines that can be assigned to a bound exciton DBE (3.46 eV) and a donor-acceptor recombination (3.28 eV).


During the study of the GaN layers grown by HVPE with the use of SiC and AlN buffer layers it was found that:

- in the polar GaN(0001) layer the dislocations density is reduced due to the redistribution of deformation between GaN and AlN layers in accordance with the “plastic” substrate model;

- in the photoluminescence spectra of the semipolar GaN(20-23) layer the bands are visible that can be associated with the stacking faults BSF arising in the course of HVPE process.


Dr. Elena Konenkova
Ioffe Physico-Technical insitute
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Vasily Bessolov
    A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
  • Dr. Alexander Kalmykov
    A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Sergey Kukushkin
    Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering Science
  • Alexander Myasoedov
    A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
  • Dr. Nikolay Poletaev
    A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute