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Surface biofunctionalization of rapid prototyped microsystems for cell culture applications

Tuesday (27.09.2016)
17:45 - 18:00
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Rapid prototyping, based on the combination of computer-aided designs and additive manufacturing processes for solid freeform fabrication, allows for the fast development of functional parts for proof of concept validations and has very important applications in the biomedical field. Among the most precise and industrially relevant additive manufacturing processes, it is necessary to cite laser stereolithography. However, the resins typically used in these stereolithographic systems are inadequate for interacting with living cells, tissues and organs, which limits their impact in emerging fields, such as tissue engineering and biofabrication. In this study, we evaluate different surface biofunctionalization processes, including the use of physical vapour depostion and the employment of human mesenchymal stem cell derived conditioned media, as coatings for improving the biological response of rapid prototypes for in vitro trials. A biomedical microsystem with different cell culture chambers, as multi-organ on chip, is presented to illustrate the approach. Results show the benefits of surface biofunctionalization upon additively manufactured devices.

Prof. Dr. Andres Diaz Lantada
Technical University of Madrid
Additional Authors:
  • Ely Dannier Valbuena Niño
    Technical University of Madrid
  • Dr. Ivan Fernández Martínez
  • Prof. Dr. Josefa Predestinación García Ruíz
    Universidad Autonoma de Madrid