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Multiferroic thin film characterization probed by Terahertz transient pulses

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
12:00 - 12:15
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Ultrashort THz pulses overlap with resonances through which magnetism or ferroelectricity can be probed or controlled. Low energy modes like soft mode phonons associated with the atomic displacements that result in ferroelectricity, or spin waves in magnetically ordered systems which can be either magnetic dipole active, in the case of the magnons, or electric dipole active in the case of electromagnons can be controlled using THz pulses. The interesting thing about multiferroics is that these modes can potentially be used for ultrafast magnetoelectric control. In common ferroics and multiferroics these modes often overlap well with the spectra of typical ultrashort THz pulses. In this work we exploit that unique feature of Terahertz ultrashort pulses to report on the multiferroic domain characterization of Bismuth Ferrite and Lead Iron Niobate correlating its ferroic behaviors, enhanced or reduced, by its varying doping concentration in the terahertz regime. The material properties like index of refraction and absorption coefficient thus derived using optical interferometry can be explored further for ultrafast device configuration.

Moumita Dutta
University of Texas at San Antonio