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Acoustic Induced Vibration and Failure Assessment in Piping

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
12:15 - 12:30
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One of the key design parameters to a process plant with large capacity is the risk of AIV (Acoustically Induced Vibration) on the flare piping system. AIV is a piping vibration phenomenon exhibiting high frequencies caused by large acoustic power generated by the pressure drop across a PRV (Pressure Relief

Valve). The evaluation method for susceptibility of piping to AIV failure was first proposed by Carucci and Mueller around 30 years ago. Since then, several developments were reported. However, the key driving micro mechanisms of failure with acoustic phenomena is still need more investigation. This paper introduces failure mechanisms for a case study of AIV based on actual operating condition in a piping systems. Mechanical characterization along with modeling and simulation of AIV in a piping system are introduced. Acoustic analysis of AIV is considered utilizing MATLAB and ANSYS. Failure micro-mechanisms are illustrated correlated with acoustic emission data released from piping material testing. Vibration stress level is obtained from the expected sound power level along with displacement and pressure-formulated acoustic elements. This kind of AIV evaluation would be useful to determine the priority of the counter measure to mitigate piping failure caused by AIV in the existing plant.


Prof. Dr. Bakr Rabeeh
German University in Cairo
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Yasser Fouad
    German University in Cairo


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