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Atomistic simulation of mechanical behaviour in metallic nanoglasses during nanoindentation

Thursday (29.09.2016)
16:15 - 16:30
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Metallic nanoglasses (MNGs) are amorphous materials with an inhomogeneous microstructure which consists of glassy grains connected by glass-glass interfaces. The MNGs can be produced by cold-compaction of glassy nanospheres which are prepared by inert-gas condensation [1,2]. The glass-glass interfaces are characterized by an excess free volume [3] and a lack of short range order [4]. When MNGs are under mechanical load, their interfaces promote shear band nucleation and prevent strain localization. Therefore the MNGs show enhanced plasticity as compared to bulk metallic glasses of the same chemical composition [2,5]. In addition, the mechanical properties of MNGs can be tuned by varying the volume fraction of the interfaces [6,7]. In this contribution, we present a detailed analysis of nanoindentation of MNGs by means of molecular dynamics computer simulations. We discuss the role of the glass-glass interfaces, glassy grain inhomogeneity, and grain size in the deformation behaviour during nanoindentation, as well as their effect on the mechanical properties.

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Dr. Omar Adjaoud
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Albe
    Darmstadt University of Technology