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Synthesis and Characterization of sol gel derived ZrO2 coatings

Tuesday (27.09.2016)
11:45 - 12:00
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Alkoxide gel method were used to prepare ZrO2 sol gel solutions. Zr isopropoxide were used as zirconia precursor. Additives of water, acids and ethanol in various proportion were used to obtain homogeneous solutions without precipitations. It was found that the sequence and the proportion of additives played an important role in obtaining homogeneous solutions. Study of crystallization behaviour of heattreated powders shown the effect of preparation condition on phase development. The single and multilayer thin films on steel and glass substrate were prepared by using dipcoating techniques. Microstructural development of thin films and the crstallization behavior of powders upon heat treatment were analyzed by SEM and XRD respectively. The results were discussed depending on the preparation conditions of the solutions. Furthermore the adherence ability of of coatings were characterized by scratching test.

Prof. Dr. Ali Aydin Goktas
Dokuz Eylul University
Additional Authors:
  • Ahmet Cagri Kilinç
    Dokuz Eylul University
  • Ahmet Cagri Kilinc
    Dokuz Eylul University