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Nanostructuring via Enzyme Mediated Autodeposition

Tuesday (27.09.2016)
17:15 - 17:30
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We present a novel approach for biobased material design on surfaces, the Enzyme Mediated Autodeposition. This method takes advantage of the unrivaled specificity and energy efficiency of enzyme-catalyzed reactions to induce controlled deposition of biological structures.[1-5]

The major aspect of the concept is tethering of the enzyme to the support. Thus, the enzymatic reaction takes place only in direct proximity to the support surface, i.e. the reaction zone. Application of versatile immobilization techniques enables defined adjustment of the reaction zone, resulting in specific deposition patterns. A highlight of the process is the ability to perform defined nanostructuring of surfaces. This normally very complex task is hereby achieved with a straightforward dip coating process.

In this talk, the concept of nanostructuring is exemplarily presented on the system of the milk protein casein and the enzyme chymosin, inspired by the natural milk clotting process. Chymosin mediates the solubility of dispersed casein micelles via enzymatic cleavage reactions, resulting in their deposition.

The prominent properties of casein have made this protein a timeless choice for biobased materials of all kind. Its application in nanoscaled coatings offers great potential for novel materials.

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Arne Rüdiger
Paderborn University
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Oliver Strube
    University of Paderborn
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bremser
    University of Paderborn


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