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Observations of incipient plasticity in Al alloy by means of X-ray diffraction imaging techniques

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
16:45 - 17:00
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X-ray diffraction contrast tomography [1] is a near-field X-ray diffraction imaging technique enabling simultaneous characterization of the 3D grain microstructure in polycrystalline materials fulfilling conditions in terms of grain size and intra-granular orientation spread. With the recent upgrade to a six-dimensional reconstruction framework [2] the method now provides access to spatially resolved crystal orientation maps with an orientation resolution comparable to EBSD and a spatial resolution consistent with the voxel size of the high resolution X-ray imaging detectors.

Like modern electron microscopes, state of the art X-ray diffraction imaging instruments can nowadays offer complementary imaging modalities like phase contrast tomography, topotomography [3] and dark-field microscopy [4]. The latter two variants enable "zooming" on individual grains or grain neighborhoods, thereby enabling multi-scale characterization (1mm down to 100 nm) of slip activity and lattice rotations during incipient plasticity in metallic alloys. The experimental data are compared to image-based, crystal plasticity finite element simulations based on the 3D grain microstructure in an Al 2.5% Li alloy.


Additional Authors:
  • Nicolas Gueninchault
    Mines Paristec
  • Dr. Henry Proudhon
    Mines Paristec
  • Dr. Nicolas Vigano