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Harmonic structures of Ti-6Al-4V: a synchrotron X-Ray diffraction study of in situ uniaxial deformation

Thursday (29.09.2016)
11:45 - 12:00
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For structural applications and concerning the global mechanical behavior, the compromise between ductility and mechanical resistance is a dilemma in materials science. The Ti-6Al-4V alloy studied in this work combined contradictory characteristics mentioned above. To achieve this, this titanium alloy was developed from a new process of powder metallurgy in order to obtain a microstructure, called harmonic, which has a bimodal size distribution consisting of fine grains, named "shell", and coarse grains, named "core" (cf. Fig. 1), evenly distributed, interconnected and forming a 3D network. This alloy is composed by two main crystallographic phases (hexagonal close-packed Ti-α and body-centered cubic Ti-β). This unique microstructure is heterogeneous on a microscopic scale but homogeneous on a macroscopic scale [1-2]. This elaboration allows achieving mechanical properties combining ductility and high mechanical strength.

The main objective of this work, carried out as part of an ANR HighS-Ti (ANR-14-CE07-0003) project, is to understand and explain the mechanical behavior of this unusual microstructure. In this presentation, the first results of an uniaxial tensile test under in situ Synchrotron Radiation (X-Ray Diffraction) will be presented. Quantitative analysis of the displacement of the Bragg peaks leads to the fact that the various grains families require different value of stress to initiate plastic deformation. The intrinsic phase selectivity of X-ray diffraction allowed monitoring the elastic strain of the β-phase and the α-phase independently during the macroscopic deformation. Finally, qualitative analysis of the evolution of the diffraction pattern suggests a destruction of the harmonic structure from a value of strain of about 7%, probably induced by twinning deformation.

[1] T. Sekiguchi, K. Ono, et al., Materials Transactions. 51 (2006) 427-556

[2] S.K. Vajpai, M. Ota, et al., Metallurgica and Materials Transactions A, A 46 (2015) 903-914.


Dr. Tarik Sadat
Université de Poitiers / Institut PPrime
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Pierre Olivier Renault
    Université de Poitiers
  • Dr. Pierre Godard
    Université de Poitiers
  • Dr. Damien Faurie
    Université Paris 13
  • Dr. David Tingaud
    Université Paris 13
  • Prof. Dr. Guy Dirras
    Université Paris 13
  • Dr. Guillaume Geandier
    Université de Lorraine
  • Dr. Frédéric Mompiou
    Université de Toulouse
  • Dr. Mie Ota
    University of Ritsumeikan
  • Prof. Dr. Kei Ameyama
    University of Ritsumeikan


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