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Challenges of lightweight construction with polymer-metal-hybrid parts

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
10:00 - 10:15
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The demand for lightweight construction and economic efficiency has led to the development of lightweight construction strategies, i.e., multi-material design, in many industrial sectors. Multi-material design allows for the property profiles of all components partners to be used synergistically, especially in structural parts while significantly reducing their overall weight. Plastic-metal hybrid composites offer great potential with regard to significant weight reduction that can be achieved with simultaneous enhancement of the mechanical properties. On the other hand, special difficulties arise regarding manufacturing of parts based on a hybrid design.

Hybrid components have already proven their potential in large structural components for the bodies of cars, and are already employed in series. It has proven particularly difficult to achieve tightness for applications where sealing is required between the different materials. Achieving a firmly bonded, media-tight connection between the differing materials is a tough challenge, especially since exposure to different temperatures and corrosive media alters the composite properties significantly.


Jan-Michael Geck
University of Kassel
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Hans-Peter Heim
    University of Kassel
  • Jan-Michael Geck
    University of Kassel