MSE 2016 - Full Program

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Keynote Lecture

Design and applications of functional peptide nanofibers

Tuesday (27.09.2016)
16:30 - 17:00
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Peptide nanofibers (PNFs) are a kind of one-dimensional self-assembled nanostructures with nanoscale diameter, nano- to micro-length, good biocompatibility, flexibility, and large specific surface. Various PNFs and PNF-based nanohybrids have been created by controlling the self-assembly of designed peptide molecules and further used for the biomedical applications. Here we would like to present the design of functional peptide molecules with multi-motifs, which are specific for the formation of PNFs and the conjugation with other nanomaterials like nanoparticles, graphene, and graphene quantum dots. The potential applications of the created functional PNF-based naonhybrids in metallization [1], biomineralization [2], biosensors [3], and cell targeting [4] will be introduced.

Dr. Gang Wei
University of Bremen
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Zhiqiang Su
    Beijing University of Chemical Technology