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Towards a more thorough understanding of dislocation contributions in shape-memory alloys

Wednesday (28.09.2016)
12:30 - 12:45
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The scientific interest in solid state cooling technologies has been renewed and increased since the discovery of of new materials with giant ferrocaloric effects - and with it the interest in understanding the hysteresis effects associated with the rise of crystal defect evolution as a result of plastic deformations at diverse time scales more thoroughly.

In this contribution we show how phase-field modeling including elastic and plastic contributions tight to incoherent martensitic phase transitions can contribute to shade light into this scenario. Additionally we elucidate from a fundamental point of view how the associated enthalpic contributions can be reconciled and validated with atomistic concepts.


Prof. Dr. Heike Emmerich
University of Bayreuth
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Julia Kundin
    University of Bayreuth