MSE 2016 - Full Program


E08: Microstructural Evolution – recent advances in experiments and modelling

Belongs to:
TopicE: Modelling and Simulation

The microstructures of materials evolve during processing and determine the properties of these materials. All materials are subject to phase transformations and other microstructural changes during processing, which is a strong motivation to investigate the kinetics of phase transitions, recrystallization and subsequent grain coarsening both experimentally and theoretically. Solid/solid phase transformations of certain ferromagnetic shape memory alloys are e.g. connected with giant caloric effects. The underlying physical processes have to be elucidated by refined or even novel modelling approaches as a precondition to improve the understanding of microstructure-property relationships.

It is the aim of this symposium to attract scientists for presenting recent experimental results and advanced theoretical concepts and modelling approaches related to the evolution of the microstructure. Experimental results from both indirect observation techniques, e.g. dilatometry, differential scanning calorimetry and / or direct observation techniques, e.g. X-ray diffraction, (high-resolution) transmission electron microscopy, high temperature laser scanning confocal microscopy are highly welcome. The theoretical contributions may range from continuum scale simulations such as local equilibrium sharp interface modelling to ab-initio predictions of the processes at a migrating interface. Complementary to this advances mathematical groups exploit approaches as homogenization to tackle the multi-scale nature of the problem based on rigorous mathematical concepts.

The symposium wants to provide a platform for discussing the evolution of the microstructure by combining computational and experimental methods. New information for materials design and application should be communicated to physicists, material scientists, metallurgists, engineers and mathematicians.


We expect contributions in the field of

•          light weight alloys,

•          high temperature alloys,

•          steels,

•          refractory materials,

•          multiferroic materials with giant caloric effects,

•          high entropy alloys.

Wednesday (28.09.2016)