MSE 2016 - Full Program


C01: Protective Coatings and Functional Thin Films

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TopicC: Synthesis and Processing

This symposium addresses recent developments in protective and functional thin films, their synthesis and preparation routes, their structure and properties characterization and their applications in surface engineering. Both fundamental and application-oriented contributions are solicited. Two major areas of applications are in the focus of the symposium: I. Thin films and surface engineering devoted to wear protection and friction reduction in tools, components and other tribological systems with relevance for the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries, and, II. Transparent conducting oxide (TCO) and functional thin films for light and heat management.

Although the application areas are different, processes and synthesis routes currently used in both areas have numerous common features. The symposium will focus on the fundamental understanding of vacuum based processes (PVD, CVD) used on industrial scale as well as on new processes.

In the area of wear protection and friction reduction contributions may cover the following topics: improvement of coating's performance with respect to high thermal stability, oxidation resistance and adhesion, optimum mechanical properties and lower friction, high potential for enhancement of tool and components performance. Presentations on progress in fundamental understanding of novel multi-component, metastable solid solutions and nano-structured coatings, on advanced coating architectures and design concepts and on large scale deposition approaches are highly welcome.

In the area of coatings and thin films for TCO and light & heat management applications papers are welcome covering different processing aspects: vacuum, wet and combined processes and their maturity in industrial applications, enhancement of properties by heat treatment with traditional as well as new methods, including laser-, plasma-, microwave- or IR-heating, new processes, like e.g., aerosol deposition, ALD and PLD. The potential of processes enabling coating and thin film architectures required for multifunctional properties is of prominent interest.

Tuesday (27.09.2016)