MSE 2016 - Full Program


B11: Third Generation Advanced High Strength Steels by Quenching and Partitioning

Belongs to:
TopicB: Structural Materials

The symposium aims to disseminate the recent developments in the application and modelling of quenching and partitioning heat treatment to production of third generation advanced high strength steels (AHSS).


We invite contributions which are focused on the following topics:

1. Production of Q&P steels. Alloying strategy, hot rolling, cold rolling, industrial implementation of Q&P process;

2. Microstructure and texture characterization of Q&P steel;

3. Mechanical properties, fatigue, formability and energy absorption of Q&P steel;

4. Damage and fracture of Q&P steels;

5. Modelling of the microstructural development during the Q&P process;

6. Modelling of the relations between microstructure and mechanical properties after Q&P;

7. Galvanizing of Q&P grades;

8. lding and Weldability of Q&P steels;

The symposium is oriented to researchers from universities and industrial research centres and to steel producers directly involved in the production and product development.

Tuesday (27.09.2016)