MSE 2016 - Full Program


B10: Surface Engineering and Functionalisation

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TopicB: Structural Materials

Surface Engineering means the interdisciplinary approach between materials science, manufacaturing technology and characterization techniques to exploit the surface layer states induced by manufacturing processes based on process-surfacelayer-properties-correlations and to consider them in the design and dimensioning process. This affords knowledge on correlations between process parameters and resulting surface conditions. The surface layer states affected due to mechanical, thermal or chemical process effects may be characterized by topography, residual stresses, workhardening state and other microstructural changes. Additionally the effects on component service properties like fatigue, corrosion or tribological resistance must be evaluated based on the mechanisms beyond. The symposium B10 will be handling with topics dealing with such correlations and draw the attention to manufacturing processes from casting via forming, machining and removal to heat treatments and mechanical surface treatments.

Tuesday (27.09.2016)

Wednesday (28.09.2016)