MSE 2016 - Full Program


B05: Advances in Light-Metal Alloys and their Processing

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TopicB: Structural Materials

Global growth rates for the production and application of light metals (including aluminium and magnesium alloys) have surpassed those of more conventional structural materials (such as steel) due in part to their role in meeting the continuously increasing demand for weight saving in the transport-vehicle industries. In line with that, research and development efforts have led and are leading to notable advances in light-metal alloys and their processing that justify a symposium on the topic in its own right.

Thus, the symposium welcomes contributions relating to its title that cover – but are not limited to – the design and tailoring of monolithic and of composite cast and wrought materials, as well as the manufacturing of semi-finished and finished products with such processes as DC casting, rolling, extrusion, sheet-metal forming, shape casting, powder metallurgy, and up to and including technologies for their recycling and reuse. The focus of the symposium is on structural use. Subjects that are highlighted by other thematic symposia in this conference (like advanced characterisation, coating/corrosion, and hybrid structures) are exempted.

Symposium presentations will be arranged as keynote lectures with invited speakers, highlight and regular lectures with contributing speakers, as well as of oral and regular posters. Contributions from across the globe are encouraged, but a special invitation is extended to our peers from the USA – being the guest country of MSE 2016.

Tuesday (27.09.2016)